Looking on tv system Sony's lineup of sleek television sets boasting google's web surfing system will go on sale saturday, testing how much consumers plan to pay to combine access to the entire internet with their regular tv programming. The high-Definition sets unveiled tuesday evening in new york will have lcd screens ranging from 24 inches to 46 inches, with commended retail prices from $600 to $1, 400.Stores by early saturday.Pre orders are becoming taken at both sony's and best buy's websites. Sony's price for its google tv sets is $200 to $400 higher than comparable tvs without the presence of highly touted software, a differential that threatens to dampen sales at a time the still shaky economy produces more households to pinch their pennies. The safe sales of apple inc.'s iPhone and iPad have indicated that people are still willing to open their wallets to buy breakthrough gadgets, But persuading them usually requires a snazzy strategy that shows why the products are worth the extra money. Forrester research analyst james mcquivey said he isn't convinced that sony and google are likely to make a compelling enough case to turn this new generation of tvs into a must have item, despite the reality he is impressed with the technology inside the sets. "Price will most likely be important, he explained. "Google tv is a powerful practical knowledge, but most people aren't going to grasp it unless they can see it in action.And google isn't Pandora Dangles Charms known for its consumer marketing practical working go through.I think they are the right concept here, but i don't know about the execution yet, Sony is planning a marketing blitz to promote its google tv sets using the holiday shopping season, the actual company isn't saying how much it will spend on the campaign.Google often has refrained from buying tv ads, relying instead on its ubiquity web the marketing acumen of its partners. Like millions of mobile phones that are sold in the past two years, sony's new tvs will be built on google's android os.They may navigate websites with google's chrome browser and rely on intel corp.'s Atom chips for their handling power.The system can comb through the particular, television coding guides and even dvrs from satellite operator dish network corp.To find all video connected to a request entered into a search bar towards the top of the screen. "In the long run, you can seamlessly search yourPreferred tvPrograms and websites on the same screen, as well, announced mike abary, senior v.P.Of sony corp.'s home unit. The distant for sony's google tvs includes a standard,"Messaging"Keyboard to enter the search requests or make other comments from the internet while retaining the ability to watch tv simultaneously. Logitech overseas sa has bundled the same google tv package into a set top box that can be plugged into existing tvs with hdmi sets.The logitech cardboard box, already out there pre order, can sell for $300, undercutting an analogous box with a blu ray player that sony is selling for $400. Google tv devices will likely face their stiffest competition from an array of reduced boxes that also connect to popular internet services such as movies from netflix inc.And songs from pandora's music exploding site. But those enticements weren't enough to get most people to buy internet connected boxes.Mcquivey estimates that apple has sold about 1 million of its digital tuners so far.Roku corporation.Has sold even fewer since it entered market trends more than two years ago, mcquivey reported, is really a popular price for its internet player has fallen to $60. Those relatively modest sales figures great deals show how reluctant people have been to inject the world wide web into the three to five hours they spend, typically, in the myteriously named"Depend back"Mode of viewing television. But that without doubt will change as younger people who have grown up web surfing on their computers while channel surfing on the tvs look for products that bring together the different media.The only question seems how much longer it will be until the market reaches the tipping point where internet tv goes mainstream. Sony's own studies have identified consumers who are under 44 years old as the most likely buyers Cheap Pandora Charms UK of the new google tv sets.Mcquivey thinks the market could very well be even narrower than that right now, ranging mostly from people between 30 and 45 years old who have been feeling relaxed into their own households and can afford fancy tvs. Convinced the cyberspace tv will be the next big thing, other electronic devices manufacturers such as samsung electronics co, vizio and mitsubishi also are supporting web connected sets and blu ray players. And after brushing off internet tv as just as"Sport"For a long time, apple ceo steve jobs appears ready to get seriously interested in the market.His company last month introduced a retooled tuner that sells for just $99.The apple tv technique is still more limited than google tv's system, but mcquivey said that may not matter to consumers who began to love apple's"Prettier and additionally shinier"Cool products.