Dressing sophie windsor for the big day After two fittings in los angeles, where she and her husband have lived since their wedding in 2009, sophie arrived in london for the final 'tryon' in the milliner, philip treacy's atelier in battersea on thursday afternoon, less than twentyfour hours before joining the other 1, 900 guests at westminster abbey. The hat, called 'the stealth', a shallow navy oval, with flyaway bows, was the perfect finishing touch. "Up,"Said treacy, who, with 20 years' experience at 'crowning' the best heads in the business, knows making a successful hat"Is not about me being clever, it's about a woman looking beautiful. " "Not down? Special Occasion Dresses "Mused sophie again, as a hairdresser experimented with a variety of looks. He was right.When sophie arrived at the abbey, with her husband, her long, dark hair was tucked out of sight, in a neat chignon, styled by naim of beauchamp place, knightsbridge, the hairdresser who has looked after her motherinlaw, princess michael of kent's hair for Where Do You Get Prom Dresses many years. "I felt very excited, and just right for the occasion.I didn't want something that was a wild departure,"Sophie said. "I'm quite a simple dresser and i look best in clothes that are elegant and classic.And this is what giorgio armani does best.The hat worked brilliantly because it was architectural, like the dress and coat. " She described the royal wedding as a splendid and wonderful occasion. "I thought catherine's dress was deeply romantic and very english.It suited her perfectly, and every detail was exquisite.They made it feel quite an intimate affair, and to be able to do that in an event on such a large scale was impressive.There was a wonderful feeling of closeness and love Dresses the website in the abbey, and such an air of goodwill and hope.It made me feel very proud. ".