Abrupt http://www.mowi2.com/ change in the structural Nike Running Shoes Outlet UK formation of interconnected networks Our world is linked by a complex mesh of networks where information, travelers Nike Free Run 3 and goods flow.These networks are interdependent on additional, and present architectural and dynamical features1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 not the same as those observed in isolated networks7, 8, 9.Although examples of such dissimilar properties are increasingly abundant as in diffusion, robustness and levels of competition are not yet clear where these differences are rooted.Here we show that the operation of building independent networks into an interconnected network of networks undergoes a structurally sharp transition as the interconnections are formed.Generally on the relative importance of inter and intra layer connections, we find that a little interdependent system can be tuned between two regimes:In one plan, kinds layers are structurally decoupled and they act as independent entities;In another regime, network layers are indistinguishable and the system behaves as a single level network.We analytically show that the transition regarding the two regimes is discontinuous even for finite size networks.For this reason, any real world interconnected system is likely at risk of abrupt changes in its structure, which may manifest new dynamical websites.