Ely opens new Homecoming Dresses UK goodwill store "We love the building that we found, its right downtown, it's a great location, so that was the biggest hurdle, just finding the right place for us,"Valerie clark, public relations specialist at the duluth goodwill said. "We had to do a little bit of renovation just to get everything ready.That process is almost complete, and then just hiring the staff. " The new store will bring 6 jobs to town, including a Prom Dresses UK full time store supervisor position and part time retail clerks. "It brings another outlet to the locals to shop in ely and not have to go out of town to get things like clothing,"Tom omerza, a board member of the ely area development association said. Having worked at goodwill for more than twenty years, linda ekholm says she's no stranger to the number of repeat customers that frequent the second hand stores. "They've told me that its an addiction, that if they miss one day they feel like, what did i miss, so they come back and they are going through the store,"Ekholm said.They know what's been there, two or three days ago and they know what's just been put out. " Goodwill accepts gently used household items.Donators receive a tax receipt after donating during business hours, an added perk that helps to keep the business running. Individual goodwill stores http://www.fcsc.co.uk/special-occasion-dresses/party-dresses.html stock their retail areas everyday with donations they receive on site and each week.All of the goodwill stores throughout the northland receive one truck load full of donations from the duluth headquarters.