Driver in Prom Dresses 2013 deadly highway 50 crash fcsc previously convicted of 3 duis Carson city, nev.Jason cloutier, 34, allegedly hit and killed two people sunday night while driving the wrong way on highway 50.Alcohol is suspected to be a factor in this case according to nevada highway patrol.According to claudia stieber at the department of parole and probation, cloutier was convicted of his third dui in seven years in 2004.He was sentenced to 12 to 32 months in prison and served seven months behind bars before being put on parole.He was released from parole in june of 2005.One of the victims in the highway 50 crash over the weekend has been identified as 26yearold sierra grace woodward of carson city.According to nhp, the driver who was hit and killed on scene is not expected to be identified until next week.According to nevada highway patrol, cloutier is still in the icu Plus Size Wedding Dresses in serious condition.They say they expect him to be in the hospital for another month.These habitual drunks don't stop driving just because their license gets taken, or because their car gets impounded, or because they put a breathalyzer lock out on their car.They always find an enabler to hook them up with a licensed car.First offense should be mandatory 2 years in prison, second should be mandatory 5 years, and third offense proves they can't be rehabbed so it should be death sentence.In the event of a death accident move the sentence up one click and let the family of the deceased decide how they pay restitution.No time off for any reason.