A speak to the winning brotherhood They traveled five land masses in 23 days.Overcome 10 other teams.And monday dawn, dan and jordan pious added another magnificent number to their list when they received $1 million oversized check on"Earlier show"As champions of 16th cycle of"The astonishing race"Beating out cowboy friends jet and cord and the dating models brent and caite, who are likely out somewhere engaging in the same mind numbing fight"It's dumb,"Never, you will be dumb, Show tracker stole a few minutes on the phone with the brothers during their newfound media whirlwind.Can do for you they had to say: Serta:Once the government takes his chunk, we will put it in the bank;Save and invest.We both want to be careful with the money.We both can't do a richard hatch"Heir"Repeat in rhode island not pay our taxes sorry, rich. Okay, the nike air jordan, you clearly loved the show more than other companies we saw this season.As an admirer, what's it like to be sold the victor? The nike air jordan:Really all so surreal to me.You learn, it's joining.Yesterday evening we went out for the finale;There is a party for the fans where they got to meet the racers.So much of the fans came up to me and were like,"You should be like one of us,"It's like one of us rushing, to listen that is just huge.I've been such a big fan of the http://www.mowi2.com/nike-free-run/mens-nike-free-run-2.html show for so long and this expertise and, after that, also, winning has meant this life to me. And what was the game plan both for the complete competition and for the final leg of it? Nike air nike test:My mate and i had a pretty set strategy from day one:We want to fly under the radar and we would definitely not have a target on our backs avoid those u turns, not rub the other teams the wrong manner.All this was not about coming in first every leg, it involved not coming in last.To know when an elimination leg is, so it comes down to not coming in last.And in something final leg, we assumed,"Available on the market we've been waiting for"And we put the pedal to the medal and we will make it count.And also did that.And as far as the full race, that was by far our most flawless and relaxed leg even though we had so much emotion and so much on the line. Fine.What were you thinking commencing the final challenge?Setting up, a while back you had a pretty shoddy showing. Serta:Starting the final, we knew we had similar in results a chance to win as brent and caite or jet and cord.Our shoddy total in the past, we never felt was obviously a problem.The plan all along was just not to get wiped out.At the end at the time, if we were in first instance at the end of a leg or second to last place after a leg, it didn't matter assuming that we weren't last.With the very last one, we produce all the stops. Nike air nike test:When dan and i arrived in first in the singapore leg, we appeared the clue to start the next leg and it said,"Take off to shanghai"And the only thing the teams were bunched up again.That is an area of the race.We recognized, despite arriving third or being released in last, that we would have the option probably with one flight from shanghai to san francisco to catch up to the rest of the teams and that was the time to make moves.My cousin was big on that flight with the move that he made with that flight attendant. Fine, when it comes to airportgate.It started with all the current cutting in the line, which in fact had some fans peeved.Did you are convinced that was a fair move? John:I wish jet and cord could be here right now to substantiate this.Jordan slicing jet and cord in line had absolutely zero impact.Not really 1% did it matter.Even if it's just one second.We were on the flight all three teams, all midsection seats, all in sequential three rows.The move that we made up to first class was in which would have happened whether we were in the middle or behind or in front.Funny lots of, brent and as a consequence caite, who in fact, got the first tickets and were first in line, were actually in the third row of the three teams in the bed.I can't stress enough how it made zero impact on the outcome. Nike air nike test:I'll add compared fot it.It was the next leg and we said,"This can be it matters most.That's the place where it counts, someone asked if we would steal someone else's cab.We never did any of that within race.Except, do you know what, it's a final leg.There is a million dollars threatened.While that did not make a difference at all, we had to try to make moves and attempt to put ourselves ahead of this game.We weren't scheming to make lifelong friends with the other teams.We were looking for win the race. And what made you feel to move to first class? Nike air nike test:I give my buddy this credit because he deserves it in full.There was a flight attendant who took a liking to my friend and, at this time in the game, you will need to milk it for all its worth.Dan did except.There were a few seats up at the front of the plane that were empty for landing and she agreed to move us up for there going back 30 minutes of the flight and, literally, that's the only thing that mattered.As we landed, we were the initial ones out of the plane and we got that 15 minute lead and never looked back. The last leg saw everyone climbing a building, in order to a virtual computer world, buying a trunk and unscrambling some posters.What did you approach the key moment during the final portion?The minute where you thought, 'we're able to win this, Serta:We ran such a clean leg on the past portion.In my opinion, specifically, the coit tower ascension was extremely hard to do.It was something seriously had to fight through.Similarly, i didn't sleep on the airplane coming over from shanghai, so we could actually get to first class.But still, i didn't sleep on the flight coming over from shanghai, so i was attractive tired.Accorded, adrenaline takes over and pushes you thru but that was a tough part.And the virtual individual thing i mean, we've never done anything like that so you need to wing it.We have such a close bond and such a great relationship that we mowi2 Nike Running Shoes just are seamlessly able to speak and work together.That was actually one of the key points for us in the race. And i was sort of taken back it stayed that way.After all, jet and cord were so close to coming out ahead at that time.Jet could have easily pushed jordan aside discover the clue. John:I was taken back.Jet stood there for a minute just gazing at jordan spinning and doing all that.Even so, just after they finished their two goals and they had to read the clue, it took them several minutes to figure out that jet needed to spin in order for them to slow down the clue on your computer.I was pleased.It's the things you don't see when you are racing. The nike jordans:When daniel and i were carrying the trunks through phoenix and we got to the great american music hall, we knew we had been in first.We finished the many tasks ahead of jet and cord.We settled the memory task in like a minute.And appears to fall apart we knew, 'holy poo, we're intending to win $1 million.Or Serta:Obviously the editing has making it look close.We likely to be beat them in the leg by about 25 minutes. Michael the mowi2 shoes air nike jordans:Straight.What i'm saying is, they showed each of the three minutes we were searching for a cab. But, at this stage, what was it like running down that stadium already knowing you're details? Serta:It was marvelous.That was probably mostly of the times in the race that i almost got emotional.It's just complicated.I am talking about, walking down the 49ers locker site Michael the air nike jordans:Selection place for my brother? Serta:It only agreed to be really surreal.I'm a huge fan of sports.The completed line was at the 50 yard line of the nfl stadium.It's terrific.Words can't explain it.